TUCC makes annual grants to local village halls and organisations to support our community.  The council has a special interest in sustaining and encouraging biodiversity in the area. We can also make small grants to Trellech and Llandogo primary schools for non-statutory activities.  

Donations are also made to charities benefiting local residents.   If you are involved with a charity benefiting residents of the TUCC area, please contact the TUCC clerk for further details.  

The council has agreed the following criteria for grants in 2022-23: 

  • TUCC will continue to cover all business rates that are chargeable to the village halls in its area.
  • The existing scheme offering £500 to each village hall towards the cost of services (fuel, water, insurance, etc) will also continue.  Copies of invoices are required, and £500 must not represent more than 50% of total costs.
  • The sum available to each project will be increased to £2,500, and this may now represent up to 75% of the total cost.
  • As previously, each project must be approved by TUCC in advance, with several quotes for work being submitted to TUCC as evidence that value for money has been sought.
  • Grants for two years may be combined for particularly large projects, at TUCC’s discretion.
  • Payment of the grant will be on completion of the work, when copies of the final invoices must be submitted to TUCC.
  • “Projects” do not need to be solely for building work. They may include any scheme that is for the benefit of the community and may be on behalf of local groups.
  • Projects that encourage biodiversity and reduction of carbon footprint will be viewed especially favourably.
  • Recognised local volunteer groups that are working for community benefit may be considered to receive up to 100% grants of up to £2,500. Other conditions that apply to village halls also apply to volunteer groups.
  • In extreme circumstances (such as those caused by the lockdowns in 2020) the village halls might also be considered for 100% grants.
  • If the project is not completed within the same financial year in which it is approved the grant will still be deemed to have applied in the year in which it was approved.